Why is smoking truly bad for you? The Dark truth!

While it is widely acknowledged that smoking poses serious health risks, there is more to the story than just the development of cancer, as indicated by medical research.

Despite the fact that smoking has been linked to cancer-causing ingredients, there are individuals who smoke regularly without experiencing any health issues. This raises the question: why? If the research suggests that smoking leads to cancer, shouldn’t everyone who partakes eventually develop this condition?

Furthermore, there are people who have never smoked or been exposed to smoke, yet still develop cancer. In my opinion, based on my own understanding and personal experience, there is more to consider.

I started smoking when I was 18 as a means to cope with the injustices I perceived in the world. I continued this habit until my mid-20s and noticed a significant impact on my life. Not only did I waste my potential college fund and opportunities, but I also discovered a darker side to smoking.

Let’s break it down. What does nicotine do to us? It provides a sense of calm, right? But why do we need this calmness? For me, it was because I struggled with anger. Nicotine helped me to cope with others and tolerate their negative behavior. Nowadays, I simply label such individuals as “bad humans.” However, there was a moment during my time working at a gas station when I almost lost control and physically confronted a customer who mistreated me.

That incident led me to crush my pack of cigarettes and quit. I realized that the anger suppressed by nicotine had never been properly addressed or controlled. By smoking and relying on this habit, I had lost my ability to manage my emotions. Whenever life became challenging and triggered me, I transformed into someone unrecognizable.

Now, why does controlling anger matter? Anger disrupts our base chakra, which is associated with enlightenment. Those who progress beyond this chakra no longer experience or react to anger. Therefore, using nicotine prevents us from becoming the best version of ourselves.

Additionally, nicotine allows negative energy, stemming from anger, to accumulate within us. Many researchers, along with my own findings, suggest that negative energy can lead to various diseases. Consequently, relying on a substance that inhibits our ability to control negative emotions may leave us vulnerable to physical ailments.

Consider the negative emotions of hate and sadness, which pertain to the heart chakra. Our actions driven by anger directly affect these emotions, thus providing an answer. By using nicotine, we surrender our capacity to regulate anger, depriving ourselves of the opportunity to evolve beyond the base chakra.

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