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We believe that the best way to convey the quality of our services and the impact they have on people’s lives is through the stories and experiences of those we’ve had the privilege to serve. Here, you’ll find a collection of heartfelt accounts and feedback, each one a testament to the meaningful connections we’ve made and the positive changes we’ve helped bring about.

Our Client Experience

Omega Wellness is top tier. I have found my wellness home! Austin has a wealth of knowledge and would highly recommend it! Austin is a Unicorn!!!
His ability to connect and effectively manipulate tissue is nothing like I've ever experienced.
Shanna M.
Austin is always ready to help at any time, any day. I’ve been working with him for quite a while between mind, body and spiritual connection and it’s been helping tremendously.
So much so that I’ve had physical pain that doctors honestly haven’t had a very good answer to, but after working with Austin, I was able to move again and continue about everyday life with the least amount of pain possible. Almost non-existent.
He absolutely knows what he’s doing and what he’s working with and knows the body and mind better than almost anyone I’ve ever met in my life. One of the only people I trust to reach out too and ask for help outside of medical professionals because I know he’ll figure it out one way or another. Highly recommend going to him and listening to what he has to say and giving him the chance to help you. I haven’t felt so at ease physically and mentally in years until I worked with Austin! Thank you Austin!
Brittney C.
Worth it. Absolutely worth it. Austin is one of a kind. I walked in stiff, feeling all sorts of sore, and I left being able to stretch my arms without wincing in pain.
It is not your typical massage, and I went in knowing that, however, I didn’t expect to feel as good as I did when I left.
Highly recommend him and I have already scheduled my next sessions.
Tristar E.
I am telling everyone I know to try this business out for themselves!
Amazing work. I walked away feeling so much lighter and all around different.
Thank you for all your knowledge and willingness to explore and explain the questions I have at the end!
Sabrina N.
Austin is fantastic! Several accidents left me with twisted spine and neck, pinched nerves, and constant back and radiating leg pain. Over 30+ years chiropractors helped. BUT finding Austin was a blessing.
He works to get the MUSCLES back in place, which actually keeps the spine in place. A few visits with Austin has kept me pain free.
I can’t thank him enough.
Marie R.
Excellent investment in myself. Austin noticed several imbalances, leading him to discover some muscles that were not functioning fully.
He used gentle techniques to free some impinged nerves and restore muscle function, and the difference in the before and after resistance tests was truly impressive.
William B.
Austin is a miracle worker.
I thought I would need surgery on my knee before Austin healed it.
I recommend Austin to anyone dealing with chronic pain.
Jason C.
I recommend Austin Schlueter. I was having pain, loss of muscle function, and some blockages.
After my session, the pain was gone, blood flow improved, and my muscles worked again. He truly is an incredible healer.
I felt great! My mind was clear. I felt lighter. I would recommend him for myofascial release and removal of negative energy. He truly has a gift!
Linda N.
Austin is a very gifted healer with a noble heart.
After my first distance session I was able to go up a flight of stairs normally. That was a miracle in itself, having not accomplished that in several years.
I find his work continues through the week, often through informative dreams. He’s greatly helped me move into a state of possibility and hope to have another session soon. Healers like Austin are rare. Try a session with him.
Kat K.
Austin does a good job of setting up the room and making sure I'm comfortable throughout the appointment.
Austin always does a Great job, I leave the appointment feeling better than when I came in.
He is always willing and able to find and fix my aches and pains before the appointment is done. Austin, Thank You for the Great Work you share with us.
Kevin B.
Austin is so knowledgeable in the human body and how it operates.
I am always in awe of how much better I feel after he works on me.
He always listens to what you’re feeling so that he can fix the problem right then and there. I’m so glad I found him!
Jamie O.
I came across Austin online searching for a therapist who could do distant treatments. I have been having treatments with Austin for the past week on my lower back pain and I had an MRI scan on it and everything was clear. I couldn't understand why I was still having pain with it. So Austin explained to me about energy in the body that can become stuck in certain areas that can cause pain in the body. Austin done some distance healing on me and i could feel exactly what he was doing i could feel my lower back were the energy was and i could feel it shifting from that area.
I had a couple of sessions with him and my lower back pain has eased an awful lot. I can notice the difference with the energy healing.
He also explains what he is going to do and puts your mind at ease. He knows alot about the body and how everything works. I can believe how the treatments went and I could feel him working on me and I'm from Ireland. So it goes to show that he has a gift. Austin also checks in on you the next day to see how your feeling which is brilliant. I just want to say thank you very much Austin you are fantastic and i can't wait for our next treatment.
Jennifer M.
Austin was very knowledgeable about his work and open to share the science behind what he does. Throughout my appointment he was able to explain why my body was in pain and able to relieve the pain.
My body as a whole feels better and I gained a lot of knowledge from Austin!
Thank you!
Linda G.
Austin has helped improve my flexibility, circulation, and energy levels.
I would recommend Austin and look forward to another session.

Austin is a Master of his skills. Very knowledgeable and professional. Enjoy his healing approaches and focus on different parts of the body.
Kirsten P.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Nikola Tesla