Journey to Inner Joy

This post is dedicated to all the healers out there, my fellow light workers, and those who have chosen one of the most challenging jobs in the world – managing their own emotions while helping and touching the lives of others.

Those who have experienced darkness and self-reflection truly understand the nature of this noble cause. When you dedicate yourself to helping others become the best version of themselves, you take on the role of a healer. It is a selfless and humbling path that few truly comprehend.

In my practice of energy healing, I absorb the negative energy, karma, and darkness of others into my own energy centers. I hold onto it and release it at a later time. For example, when I heal someone with cancer, I can feel their pain within myself. My lungs collapse, making it difficult to breathe.

If someone has a hip injury, I experience the deterioration of my own hip. Only after restoring balance within myself can I walk again. This is the essence of being a healer. Unfortunately, many healers die prematurely because they are unable to release the energy they have absorbed. They develop various illnesses, including cancer.

I, too, was on the path to self-destruction before I fully understood the energy within us and the science behind our existence. It is important to distinguish between the energy that connects us all, often referred to as God, and the energy that powers our technology.

They are completely different. As a healer, when you heal others, you also heal a part of yourself. This process requires continuous practice and dedication, much like mastering any skill, which takes approximately 10,000 hours.

For my own personal growth, I realized that individual healings were not enough. I needed to explore the limits of my abilities. So, I began allowing the energy of others to influence me openly.

I would ground out their energy, with their permission, to create a benevolent space for them. By doing this, I also expanded my own energy field, which now spans over a mile in width.

Through my journey of self-healing, I have learned that healing others is an ongoing process. It is a sacrifice that creates a space for everyone to thrive and find inner peace. When we embody the divine masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, we create something new and rare.

We begin to understand the darkness that exists in our world, caused by suppressed emotions and genetic disorders. It is our responsibility as healers to restore balance and bring light to this darkness.

To effectively heal others, we must first heal ourselves energetically. Our energy is the foundation of our being. As we continue to heal, the illusions of our current reality fade away. By expanding our consciousness, we become aware of the true nature of our existence.

We realize that everything is energy, and we have the power to manifest what we desire. Whether we see angels, demons, spirits, or aliens, it is all a manifestation of the energy within us.

Personally, I can now perceive energy in the form of numbers and hieroglyphics. I can see the light codes and the souls of people when I look into their eyes. I also witness the darkness that clings to them due to their refusal to accept it.

Meditation is essential for self-awareness, but it can be uncomfortable for most people. It brings to light the inner demons that we often ignore. However, there is a way to ground out this negative energy and live a more harmonious life.

As healers, we must create and maintain a space free from the energy of others. By healing the spaces we occupy, we enhance the well-being of those who enter. Our energy affects everything we touch, and it is reflected in our surroundings.

If you constantly experience the destruction of technology around you, it may indicate an imbalance in your throat chakra. This imbalance stems from a long history of not being heard and acknowledged by your family ancestry. The energy we absorb from others, technology, and our environment directly influences our own energy signature.

So, my fellow healers, it is crucial to cultivate the light within ourselves before healing others. We must strive to be the highest frequency in any space we enter. Only then can we leave others feeling energized rather than drained.

It is our responsibility as healers to be the lighthouses others require to heal on their journeys. To create the fire of change to light the way out of this world of darkness.

Namaste 🙏

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