The nature of Consciousness

I used to be opposed to the fear of not connecting with people because it creates division among individuals. However, I’ve come to realize that we need to let go of the delusions of our past.

Belief systems like these exist at a lower level of consciousness, but the origins of why they exist remain a mystery. When we truly understand the human condition and our existence, we find that the perceived facts in this book do not align with our reality.

The human condition is based on consciousness and our ability to tap into the universal source of energy, often referred to as God. Thoughts are manifestations of energy, and if one can perceive that energy through visions, images, sounds, smells, or physical touch, they have the potential to create their own reality.

However, if not trained properly, these individuals may create illusions instead of manifesting their true desires. Everything in our world is a product of energy, including ghosts, demons, and angels. It is fascinating to explore the depths of healing and energy work, where emotional damage can be traced back to the energy cultivated by individuals, their parents, and ancestors.

Our DNA holds trillions of data, and possibly even more, containing the memories of everyone who came before us. Past life experiences are simply accessing this stored data within ourselves. I used to be a spiritual person who communicated with the spirit world, but I realized that it was all just an illusion created by the energy within me.

By observing myself and understanding my shadow self and negative aspects, I learned how dark the world used to be. Recognizing these traits allowed me to push away negative energies and embrace my divine and benevolent self.

Understanding patterns and allowing people to show their true nature without doubt or criticism enables better interaction and connection. As a feminine energy-based person, I am influenced by the energies of others, but I have learned techniques to let go of doubts and return to rational thinking.

Many individuals, including music artists and actors, create thought forms or personas that they embody. These thought forms are simply manifestations of energy and consciousness, but our current scientific understanding has not caught up to fully explain these phenomena.

Unhealthy thought forms can create false perceptions and narratives. Channeling and other metaphysical practices are interesting but ultimately manifestations of energy that individuals have cultivated over time.

As we reach higher states of consciousness, we realize that there is no duality in the external world. It all lies within ourselves, our alignment, and our perception of reality. Personally, I searched for the truth and discovered a different path, one that I am now sharing with others.

I teach people how to access and control their thoughts and physical bodies. Transforming the physical body through the power of the mind is a valuable ability that is often disregarded.

By removing stress from my body, I have gained mastery over it. I can heal pain and discomfort by shifting my energy and thoughts. While poverty may loom, I have no need for external validation or material possessions to connect with others. True connection comes from within.

The truth is not always desired by everyone. Many prefer the comfort of a savior to save them rather than taking responsibility for themselves. These are not the people I seek.

I am looking for those who want to control themselves at the highest level, those who want to make the world a better place through genuine human connection and uncovering the mysteries of the past. Our bodies have been damaged by stress, robbing us of the magical abilities we once had. Our world has strayed far from spirituality and the divine.

It is important to understand that our minds have created the reality we live in. This construct is not evil, but it is essential to discern truth from delusion.

Scientists search for truth without holding onto belief systems, and our society should do the same. Meditating and tapping into the fabric of reality is not evil, nor is influencing energies for self-protection. What is truly evil is filling the world with sadness and hatred and convincing people that they have no control over it.

To be a light in this world, we must live life with purpose and unconditional love for others. We must acknowledge the nature of the human condition, which is consciousness solidified.

Everything is energy, and we are the creators behind the energy we emit into the world.

Namaste 🙏

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