The Power of Self Healing

It is essential to recognize the profound truth in the statement that prioritizing self-healing creates an environment of unconditional self-love and allows us to find joy in the simplest aspects of life, such as taking a breath or savoring a cup of coffee.

Contrary to what we have been taught, these experiences are not external, but rather originate internally. Without cultivating love for ourselves, it becomes challenging to extend that love to others.

It is an arduous endeavor to constantly seek external sources of joy, as it often leads to an endless cycle of disappointment and unfulfillment. This is because the energy we emit externally is a reflection of our internal state, governed by the principles of electromagnetics.

Our chakras, serving as energetic centers, emit frequencies that can be altered by adjusting our resonant frequency and the rotational spin of the chakras themselves.

Remarkably, many students have observed that when their chakras vibrate with negative energy, their negative thoughts multiply, and the chakras rotate counterclockwise. However, when they shift in a clockwise direction, a transformative shift occurs, resulting in benevolent patterns and a more harmonious state.

To tap into the divine essence within ourselves, it becomes imperative to confront and heal the darkness that resides within us. This necessitates developing a healthier relationship with the emotions we entertain and allowing them to guide us towards growth.

It is crucial to acknowledge that these emotions are not negotiable; dwelling in them for extended periods can have detrimental effects on our mental, physical, and vibrational well-being. Moreover, our state of being and the energy we emit attract corresponding experiences into our lives.

By embracing positive energy and consciously releasing negativity, we create a harmonious flow within ourselves. This transformative process involves aligning our energy centers to radiate light, eventually establishing a delicate equilibrium.

This journey also entails acknowledging and understanding our shadow self—the aspects of ourselves we often shy away from. By embracing and healing these aspects, we gain a profound comprehension of our emotional landscape and the boundaries we must set.

For instance, I have recognized that anger is a non-negotiable aspect for me. Not only does it impair the functionality of my posterior leg muscles, but it also triggers inflammation in my large intestines, leading to discomfort akin to lactose intolerance. Therefore, avoiding prolonged indulgence in anger, frustration, annoyance, or impatience is crucial for maintaining my physical well-being.

Understanding the intricate relationship between our emotions, thoughts, and physical body sheds light on the importance of healing. The choices we make concerning our emotions profoundly impact our overall well-being and directly influence the deterioration or enhancement of our physical state.

Consequently, prioritizing healing becomes an integral part of our personal journey. Let us approach this journey with reverence and gratitude.

Namaste 🙏

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