The essence of self worth

Over the course of the past year, I have come to a profound understanding that has deeply impacted my perspective on reality. It is the realization of what our existence truly entails. 

In one aspect, it can be seen as a source of inner pride and self-esteem, arising from the sense of accomplishment derived from overcoming challenges and navigating the intricate tapestry of life. When we deconstruct the complexities, it becomes apparent that our planet is home to a staggering population of 8.5 billion individuals, each with equal opportunities. 

How we choose to navigate the struggles and hurdles of life significantly influences the outcomes we receive. Therefore, if you have persevered through hardships and still find yourself standing strong, that is truly something to be proud of. Similarly, if you have boldly ventured into uncharted territories, creating something innovative and continuously pushing forward, that too is an achievement that should evoke a sense of pride. 

Moreover, if you have consciously altered the way you interact with others compared to your past self, embracing growth and change, that is yet another reason to hold your head high with pride. It is essential to recognize that every person you encounter, even those seemingly different from you, possesses the same potential to embark on journeys you may not wish to undertake.

Our choices in life hold the power to shape our future, and the act of predicting what lies ahead is invariably presented in a timeline fashion. When utilizing intuitive abilities, such as tarot reading or clairvoyance, we can only perceive what lies before us based on our current path. 

This intrinsic limitation sheds light on why so many predictions often prove to be inaccurate or misleading. Additionally, attempting to foresee events for individuals whose consciousness operates at a significantly higher frequency than our own is an arduous task, as their elevated state of being transcends our comprehension. 

It is important to understand that the energy that governs our interactions and experiences abides by a set of laws. Drawing from my personal experiences, I have observed that those who vibrate at a higher frequency possess the ability to influence others without explicit permission. 

However, it is always preferable to approach others with kindness and respect, acknowledging their autonomy. Simultaneously, it is worth noting that unless I grant permission based on the healing work I have undertaken, accurately reading anything from me remains an impossibility. This inherent challenge arises from the difficulty of predicting the unknown.

An essential lesson that I impart to aspiring psychics is the significance of cultivating pure energy within themselves to gain deeper insights into the future. If their visions consistently highlight negative aspects within people, it is often an indication that those same negative aspects reside within their own being. 

For instance, if fear consistently permeates their visions and the individuals they encounter, it is likely a reflection of the fear that resides within themselves. This symbiotic relationship between the psychic and the energy they attract stems from the fact that psychics embody a purer form of emotional energy. 

Consequently, any negative energy they harbor distorts their perception, creating an illusory mirror that reflects their own internal struggles. Thus, it becomes crucial to maintain a state of emotional well-being to ensure clarity in their readings.

Every individual on this planet possesses the potential to make a significant impact. If you find yourself engaged in remarkable endeavors, it is a testament to the person you have become and the connections you have forged along your journey. 

These factors, intertwined with your actions and choices, ultimately shape the future you will experience. It is essential to recognize that without personal growth and transformation, carrying the torch of change is an unwarranted responsibility. 

In such cases, destiny unveils someone more deserving, who will assume the mantle and fulfill the role with utmost grace. This perpetual ebb and flow is the beauty of life’s ever-evolving nature. If you are bestowed with the honor of carrying a torch symbolizing greatness, honor, and respect, it transcends a mere privilege. 

Rather, it represents an extraordinary opportunity to ignite the flames of enlightenment within those overshadowed by the darkness of their own choices, as well as the choices of their ancestors. 

Should you aspire to forge a new trajectory, one that encompasses a brighter future for yourself and your family, dare to choose an uncharted path. In doing so, you embrace the power to evoke positive change. 

Namaste 🙏 

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