People see you as they are.

One of life’s undeniable truths is that people perceive us not as we truly are, but rather through the lens of their own experiences and beliefs. The version of ourselves that others see is a reflection of what they carry within. 

This intriguing phenomenon finds its roots in the fascinating realms of quantum physics and quantum entanglement. Our human connections are formed through a complex interplay of repelling forces and energetic attractions. 

It is through these magnetic interactions that we are drawn to one another, based on the energy we emit. If anger resides within us, we naturally attract individuals who also carry anger. This energetic dance shapes the very fabric of our experiences and the narrative of our lives.

Conversely, those who lack internal energy, who are devoid of certain emotions, will not engage with us in the manner we desire. This discrepancy arises from the unique wiring of their neurology and their resistance to succumbing to anger, irritability, or impatience. 

It is important to note that embracing anger and its associated traits is a valid choice, should that be the path we wish to tread. However, there exists an alternative path—one that involves cultivating an inner calmness and creating a safe space for those around us. 

This newfound narrative allows us to shield ourselves from external influences and to determine how the interactions of others affect our daily lives. It is a choice, a conscious decision that shapes the type of people and energies we attract into our sphere.

Consider, for instance, the presence of energetic dysfunction buried within our genetic code. This dysfunction acts as a hidden barrier, preventing others from truly listening to us and appreciating our true essence. 

Despite our genuine kindness and care, this energetic misalignment hinders our ability to be heard and seen. In turn, this misalignment creates tension, deterioration, and problems within our interpersonal connections, particularly in the realm of communication and authenticity. 

On the contrary, individuals who possess energies that align harmoniously will naturally gravitate towards one another. I recently experienced a profound moment of liberation from such dynamics. Breaking free from the shackles of energetic dysfunction, I no longer had to endure the stifling experience of being unheard. 

This transformative journey illuminated the importance of standing our ground, embracing our voice, and embodying our authentic selves. By harnessing the power of our energy, we can influence the thoughts and emotions of those around us. 

When our positive energy intertwines with their negative energy, a subtle shift occurs, and they begin to experience a glimmer of positivity in our presence. Such is the intricate dance of human interaction.

It is crucial to acknowledge the impact of stress and the choices we make in response to external pressures. Each time we succumb to these pressures, we unknowingly dim the light that resides within us. 

While most individuals may not discern this subtle change, those attuned to energy, like myself, can sense the dimming of one’s inner light. Consequently, when we engage with others, we are acutely aware of the emotions that may trigger them. 

Armed with this powerful understanding, we can navigate around these triggers, offering support and compassion, or sometimes recognizing when there is a lack of alignment and finding the courage to let go. Ultimately, it is important to recognize that we perceive others based on what resonates within ourselves. 

The stress and turmoil in our own lives often distort our perception of others. However, when we ground ourselves and delve deeper into our emotional energy and its profound influence on our hormones and overall well-being, our interactions with others can be profoundly transformed. 

No longer slaves to our emotions, we gain the power to control them, shaping our thoughts and experiences accordingly. The choice is ours to determine the depths of this transformative journey.

Namaste 🙏

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