Negative energy and illness

In our conventional understanding, we tend to perceive illnesses and diseases solely as physical entities. However, this perspective is not entirely accurate. Consider a disease like the common cold, for instance. When you catch a cold, you not only have the physical presence of the virus, but there is also an underlying energy that propels it.

Through my personal experiences with various conditions, I have discovered that removing the fuel from the condition often leads to its disappearance. For instance, when I sense a sore throat or any dysfunction related to my throat, I consciously eliminate the energy surrounding that area. This effectively prevents the condition from progressing any further.

However, there is one particular condition that cannot be dealt with in this straightforward manner, and that is Covid. Covid attacks our very life force, causing simultaneous dysfunction in all chakras. Although I find this rather peculiar, it begins to make sense when considering the fact that it originates from bats, which are known to affect our life force.

It is important to note that our life force is physically manifested as blood within us. Without it, we cannot continue living. My work revolves around manipulating this life force to facilitate healing. Therefore, something that directly attacks our life force would respond differently compared to something that does not.

To summarize, as we enter this time of gathering with family and loved ones, it is crucial to be mindful of our thoughts and emotions towards others. Maintaining a positive mindset and focusing on love, joy, kindness, and gratitude helps reduce the amount of negative energy we absorb and attract.

This practice will aid in maintaining good health during the holiday season and prevent diseases from taking hold. We often overlook the impact of our mental states on our well-being, yet something as simple as our thoughts can have a profound effect on us. It is said that a person can make themselves sick purely through their thoughts. The control of energy states can explain why this phenomenon occurs.

Therefore, just as one can make themselves sick, they also have the ability to make themselves well again. As long as we control the energy that fuels dysfunction or disease and remove its physical manifestation, we can promote healing. While modern medicine may assist in blocking and combating the physical symptoms, without the control of energy, we may still fall ill. This explains the variable outcomes we experience when medicine alone fails us.

I hope this alternative perspective enlightens my readers and equips them with a new way to perceive diseases and dysfunctions. My ultimate goal is to empower individuals to take control of their own health.

Wishing you all a joyful and healthy holiday season!

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