My Journey to Finding God

So, I am going to do something that I haven’t done in a while, and it greatly reflects where I am in my personal journey. I was born and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, but then I transitioned into Christianity.

However, I found that no one had the answers to the questions I posed. They simply told me to look to the Bible, but it didn’t provide the answers I was seeking. In my quest for understanding, I explored various texts such as the gnostic texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and even the Quran.

I delved into topics like energy vibration and studied books like the Key of Solomon. I wanted to understand why certain experiences happened to me, like encountering angels in my bedroom at the age of eight or being plagued by demons every night since the age of three.

When I spoke to people about their beliefs, I realized that many of them had no idea what their beliefs were truly based on. They simply followed a book, believing it would bring them salvation. And while that is fine, I delved deeper into understanding the human condition and the origins of our beliefs.

I discovered that everything is both true and illusory. We externalize everything that is internal. So, if someone believes that their savior will return, it may happen to some extent. However, the problem lies in people not following the teachings of Jesus themselves, but rather interpreting his teachings through the lens of others.

Even the Pope, who is seen as a benevolent figure, may not possess the purest intentions. One can sense the nature of these individuals by tapping into their energy. Energy never lies. If one could feel energy the way I do, they wouldn’t blindly follow such people.

As I continued to progress in my spiritual journey, I would communicate with spirits and entities like Aeons.

However now, in deep meditation, I perceive codes of energy. I don’t encounter spirit guides, angels, or aliens. Instead, I observe pure, crystal energy and codes that bear resemblance to what is written on the Emerald Tablets.

I have come to understand that true healing requires releasing everything within ourselves. It has been calculated that the human body holds quadrillions of data in our genetic code.

Consider for a moment that every person who came before us, their essence is within us. This data, whether good or bad, affects our lives and shapes our experiences. It is not demons or the devil that influence us, but rather ourselves. Ultimately, we are everything in the end.

When one embarks on a search for truth and delves deep within themselves, they will find that all that remains is their true self. Understanding our demons enables us to control our reactions towards others, giving us an advantage over those who allow their demons to dominate them.

In psychology, there is a concept called the Karpman Triangle, which helped me understand why many Christians exhibit erratic behavior. It is because they are trapped in a perpetual cycle of trauma, with the devil as the perpetrator and Christ as the savior. Leaving them to only be forever a victim.

Numerous people have asked me about the source of my energy, and when I don’t mention Christ, they refuse to engage with me. But that is their loss.

The knowledge I have uncovered, the wisdom of the ancients, the understanding of energy centers that govern our very existence, all of this is salvation for those who are willing to let go of their illusions.

The kingdom of heaven resides within us. It is shaped by our thoughts and mentality. There is no room for anger, hatred, sadness, grief, or fear in this sacred space.

To live in alignment with our soul and spirit means embodying unconditional love and joy. If this does not resonate with you then I’m not for you and this is okay.

My destiny was written in the stars, guiding me to heal the world with an unseen hand. I possess unlimited power that stems from my divine essence as part of the universal consciousness.

It is the same energy that binds atoms together, the energy that exists within you and me. I have tapped into this energy and comprehended its workings.

If you choose to follow my teachings, I will guide you on how to do the same. There is no need to sell your soul or make deals with external forces.

The key lies in understanding yourself, both your dark and light aspects. Because in reality, everything is an illusion. When you ascend to higher levels of consciousness, you will realize that the only truth is the energy that unites us all. This is what people refer to as God.

Namaste 🙏

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