Maintaining calmness is the light of love!

One of the profound insights I have gained is the power of cultivating a distinct energy that sets me apart from those around me. This deliberate choice has allowed for the coexistence of contrasting energies in our world.

The interplay between light and dark, feminine and masculine energies is emphasized, underscoring the importance of balance. It is through this balance that creation and destruction, giving and taking, find their equilibrium.

We, ourselves, are like estates of energy, and if we wish to create a calm and safe space for others, we must cleanse ourselves of anger and all its manifestations. We must purge it from within us to such an extent that it is not allowed to invade our sacred space.

To maintain a state of calmness, I have found it necessary to distance myself from individuals who thrive in anger. In the past, I too was entangled in this destructive cycle, but I realized the need to sever the ties that bound me to anger.

By shedding those aspects of myself that fed into anger, I embarked on a journey of cultivating inner peace. Now, I am able to release the explosive force of anger only when absolutely necessary, creating an environment of high vibrational energy for my loved ones.

This act of providing a tranquil sanctuary for others is the ultimate expression of love, offering them solace and respite from the burdens of the day.

At times, we feel compelled to escape our environments and seek solace outside because we have forgotten the profound impact they have on us. Our lives have become imbalanced, as we have become fixated on the relentless pursuit of creation and progress, neglecting the importance of elimination and release.

It is in these moments of imbalance that stressful situations arise, leaving us feeling trapped and devoid of clarity. In reality, it becomes difficult to envision a path forward unless we cultivate a different mindset. The very thinking that gave rise to the problem cannot serve as the catalyst for its resolution.

We must embrace a new perspective, surrendering to the realization that we are not always in control.

Over the past three years, I have surrendered to the guidance of my intuition. In my quest for answers, I have turned to meditation and sought solace in introspection, akin to prayer for others.

When I encounter individuals who no longer align with me, I have come to understand that they have disqualified themselves from progressing in our shared mission.

However, this does not mean they are forever bound to this state. As long as they hold beliefs and values that do not resonate with mine, healing and transformation must take place for realignment to occur.

Life is akin to a flowing river, constantly shifting and evolving. It is our thoughts and beliefs that shape our journey and determine our experiences. Many of us find ourselves trapped in misery and stress, confined to jobs that lack purpose, merely striving to get by.

Yet, the reason for this predicament lies in our internal programming. The energy we project from within attracts the outcomes we experience. If we desire different results, we must embark on the arduous task of reprogramming our minds, infusing them with a narrative that fosters tranquility and harmony within and around us.

Calmness serves as a fundamental aspect of maintaining a balanced and stress-free space. However, it is essential to recognize that there are seven other qualities that contribute to the creation of a thriving environment. As we cultivate these qualities, our lives gradually align with the desired direction we envision.

It is crucial to remember that these lessons unfold throughout our lives as we continuously adjust our vibrations and undergo personal transformations. By creating a sanctuary free from stress and turmoil for our loved ones and those who surround us, we become invaluable assets, providing support and value through our mere presence and existence. Each of us possesses the potential to bestow deep spiritual and vibrational value upon others.

Namaste 🙏

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