Freewill and alignment

Faith and doubt form an intriguing and dynamic duo, existing as two sides of the same coin. Faith, in essence, is the belief in the potential for positive outcomes and the trust that things will align favorably, according to our desires. 

It allows us to surrender to the natural flow of events, understanding that occasional setbacks and misfortunes are part of the journey. On the contrary, doubt emanates an opposing energy, one that robs others of their free will and imposes our assumptions upon them. 

It compels us to judge and predict behaviors solely based on appearances, disregarding the opportunity for genuine self-expression.

Achieving a harmonious equilibrium between faith and doubt becomes imperative. Doubt, with its negative energy, can inflict damage upon our overall well-being. Its insidious effects manifest as inflammation and deterioration of bodily tissues, resulting in physical discomforts such as swollen cheeks, persistent headaches, sinus issues, and upper jaw problems.

To break free from this destructive energy, we must embrace faith and place our trust in the natural unfolding of life’s processes. By allowing individuals to reveal their true selves and responding accordingly, we not only shield ourselves from disappointment but also empower them to authentically navigate their own paths.

Placing trust in others to demonstrate their genuine nature aligns with our own self-alignment. It necessitates a deep understanding of our core values and extends the same courtesy to those within our social circles. 

We must discern between what is negotiable and what is not, what we are willing to tolerate and what we expect from others. The roles people assume in our lives, whether as lifelong confidants, romantic partners, or mere acquaintances, depend on the extent to which their values align with our own. 

Sometimes, as we undergo personal growth and transformation, our closest friendships may no longer resonate with the life we have chosen. This natural evolution should be embraced rather than resisted, as it allows for the genuine alignment of souls.

In our society, there exists a tendency to impose our desires and preconceived notions onto others. However, true alignment emerges when we grant individuals the freedom to forge their own paths and exhibit unwavering dedication to personal growth. 

Let us relinquish the urge to control and instead honor the unique journeys that each person embarks upon. By doing so, we acknowledge and respect the authenticity and effort that individuals invest in becoming their best selves. In this spirit, we greet one another with the utmost reverence: 

Namaste 🙏

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