Discipline is what separates us from the person we want to be.

Discipline, an elusive trait for many, poses a formidable challenge in the journey of life. Undeniably, most of us grapple with a lack of focus and an inherent aversion to discipline. However, it is precisely this ability to embrace discipline that distinguishes us from the ordinary herd.

Engaging in mindful practices such as meditation empowers us to cultivate the art of discipline, enabling us to be fully present in the current moment. Through this practice, we come to comprehend that all distractions, both internal and external, serve as impediments on the path to self-discovery. Only by delving into the depths of meditation can we truly witness our authentic selves.

Dr. Wayne Dyer eloquently captured this truth when he proclaimed that seeking apple juice from an orange is an exercise in futility. Similarly, our dreams and experiences are inexorably intertwined with the energy and emotions we carry within. Should we be burdened by anger, bitterness, or worry, our dreams become surreal landscapes dominated by these negative specters.

Remarkably, dreams possess the capacity to offer glimpses into the future, a testament to the energetic imprints we accumulate. Fear and apprehension may infiltrate our dreams, hindering our ability to realize our deepest aspirations. Constrained by an incessant state of worry, we find ourselves unable to manifest our desires. Conversely, in the absence of such emotional baggage, our dreams dwindle into an empty void.

The manifestation of our internal energy not only shapes our own existence but also reverberates throughout the world. If, like me, you embody feminine energy as your baseline, your perception of reality encompasses a rich tapestry woven from twelve senses.

Nurturing a robust discipline within yourself and your energetic being will undoubtedly propel you towards success in your chosen career path. Personally, I have chosen the noble path of a healer, willingly shouldering the karmic burdens of others in a bid to brighten their days.

Alas, this selfless endeavor has inadvertently wrought havoc upon my own life, as unbridled energy wreaked havoc, plunging me into the depths of homelessness time and time again. However, my indomitable spirit and unwavering determination have fueled my commitment to my purpose.

As I gradually shed the remnants of others’ triggers that have become enmeshed within me, I embark upon a profound journey of self-healing and the realization of my deepest desires. Yet, I remain acutely aware that without caution, this arduous progress can easily unravel, plunging me back into chaos.

To be a healer demands the delicate task of balancing the energies that reside within our own being. It necessitates discerning what rightfully belongs to us and what does not. Reacting with anger, even to the slightest provocation, serves as a poignant reminder of the unresolved anger that lurks within us.

Only by dissipating these emotions and restoring equilibrium can we begin to fathom the depths of our authentic selves. Undoubtedly, this arduous pursuit of self-understanding stands as one of the most formidable disciplines we encounter. Paradoxically, it is through this journey that we unlock the keys to comprehending the very essence of our existence.

Our energy, a profound programming mechanism, holds the key to unraveling the intricacies of our humanity. Regrettably, the realm of science has yet to fully explore and comprehend this profound aspect, leaving us to fumble blindly amidst the intricate cellular complexities.

As Albert Einstein wisely posited, the very mindset that created a problem cannot be relied upon to solve it. Only by embracing the notions espoused by Nikola Tesla, that the world functions based on energy and frequency, can we extricate ourselves from the perpetual cycle of stagnation and propel ourselves forward.

Embracing discipline, accepting new information, and maintaining unwavering focus within ourselves allows us to enrich our lives and add profound value. As we forge ahead, it becomes paramount to fortify our boundaries, align our actions with our core values, and prioritize our well-being. It is through such discipline that we ultimately connect with our true desires.

Namaste 🙏

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