Quantum Force Healing

Transformation Packages

4-Month Transformation

(16) 60-Minute Healings

Stress Relief

Learn a mindfulness meditation that teaches you how to directly release stress where you can actually feel it leave your body.

Improved Body Functioning

Build a stronger mind-body connection through emotional clarity.

Better Sleep Quality

Reduce your anxiety through mindfulness for better, more restful and restorative sleep.

Reduced Fatigue

Enhance your physical energy and reduce your fatigue by releasing stored trauma and patterns that no longer serve you and your purpose.

Increased Mental Clarity

Learn how to release unwanted thought patterns to achieve a clearer day-to-day mindset, improved concentration and less brain fog.

Our Clients Love Omega Wellness

Omega Wellness is top tier. I have found my wellness home! Austin has a wealth of knowledge and would highly recommend it! Austin is a Unicorn!!!
His ability to connect and effectively manipulate tissue is nothing like I’ve ever experienced.


Shanna M

Austin is a very gifted healer with a noble heart. After my first distance session I was able to go up a flight of stairs normally. That was a miracle in itself, having not accomplished that in several years.

I find his work continues through the week, often through informative dreams. He’s greatly helped me move into a state of possibility and hope to have another session soon. Healers like Austin are rare. Try a session with him.


Kat K.

I am telling everyone I know to try this business out for themselves! Amazing work. I walked away feeling so much lighter and all around different.

Thank you for all your knowledge and willingness to explore and explain the questions I have at the end!


Sabrina M.

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